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A Sweet Opportunity!

GOFER Ice Cream® mixes together the nostalgia of a classic scoop shop with a new generation of flavors and products. 

There are many reasons why a partnership with GOFER is a sweet  idea!

Making a difference in your community, living a balanced lifestyle, profiting from a fast paced, fun, flavor filled work environment, all are just the cherry on top of this unique franchise opportunity.

Our franchise partners are some of the most cherished and envied business persons in town. 

After all, everybody loves to go for ice cream!

Some benefits GOFER franchise partners receive while living their ice cream dreams!


Enjoy a balanced lifestyle with family, work, and fun time when you want 


Be the center of your community, a central gathering place for friends and family 


Profit from a fast paced, fun, flavor filled work environment


Make a difference by being a mentor in your employees life, provide rewarding jobs that support your local community 

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Nearly 20 years of success!It all happened with a proven system, a winning team, and quality products

Proven System

From site selection, construction, and staff and management training to marketing and community involvement, our team will be with you all the way. We support our franchisee partners through the entire process to deliver a consistent positive experience!



Our team includes a network of experienced professionals in the ice cream and franchise industry including top legal, real estate, product, equipment, and technology partners. We leverage the expertise, connections and best practices to guide and benefit our franchise partner.

Quality Products

Our blend of traditional favorites and emerging trends is what separates GOFER Ice Cream from the competition. Consumers evolving tastes and dietary preferences drive our innovative passion for premium ice cream, plant-based alternatives and speciality products.

The Scoop on GOFER!

We have been scooping the love since 2003 from our flagship location still operating today in Greenwich, CT. From our modest beginnings, today we have grown throughout the region to become a staple in our community, with a generation of guests served and employees mentored. Our award winning, premium ice cream and best in class customer service is our secret to success.

We are looking for Quick Service Restaurant franchise partners who will bring their passion for the ice cream business and their love for best in class customer service to join our growing family throughout the Northeast Region of the United States.

Opening a GOFER Ice Cream franchise presents an opportunity to be a part of an emerging brand set to capitalize on new trends like plant-based dairy-free ice cream, online ordering, and no contact curbside pickup.

Given the longevity and success of our company in the premium quality ice cream business, franchise partners can be confident in our system when opening and operating their own location.

We look forward to having you share in our recipe for the sweet life.

It is our belief when you GOFER Ice Cream it should be worth the trip and you should leave happier than when you arrived! Because remember…

It's Always a Good Day to...GOFER Ice Cream!

Requirements For New Store Developments

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $25,000
  • Ongoing Royalty:  5%
  • Brand Development:  1%
  • Liquid Capital: $50,000
  • Total Investment Range: $229,000 – 411,300*

*See FDD for more information


Why Partner with Gofer?

Selecting Gofer Ice Cream is one way to get into the ice cream business with a partner that has been in the business hands-on for over 18 years.


Is Gofer A Good Fit For Me?

We have set up the Gofer Ice Cream system to be simple to understand and operate. Gofer is a lifestyle business. We are seeking owner-operators Franchise Partners that share our mission.


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Find Your Inner Sprinkle!

Do you think you have what we are looking for?  Contact us now and a franchise representative will be in touch.

State Of The Ice Cream Industry!

Ice cream remains the dessert of choice for Americans! 

Total United States annual ice cream sales are approimately

$5 Billion of ice cream treats are consumed outside the home, 80% of this is through franchise outlets

About 1.4 billion gallons of ice cream and related frozen desserts were produced in the U.S. in 2017

The average American consumes 12 pounds of ice cream per year

Holy cow! Ice cream is still the top choice in desserts! Better get your scoop ready!

in The News

Campfire Chat with Jay

Gofer Ice Cream President Jay Ragusa keeps us up to date on the latest Gofer news. Learn more about the happenings at Gofer Ice Cream.

“We want our Gofer Franchise Partners to share in our mission to become the center of their community.”

Jay Ragusa

Founder & CEO, GOFER Ice Cream