Frequently Asked


Which territories are available?

Gofer Ice Cream was founded in Greenwich Connecticut and we have since expanded to several areas shops in the Lower Fairfield County Connecticut area. We are currently focused on growing both in Fairfield County as well as other areas within Connecticut in the near term. In 2021 we will also be focused on a wider area, encompassing an approximate seventy five-mile radius from our Stamford Connecticut store. We have chosen to expand through the “radiating circles” approach to allow for best results for our Franchise Partners in terms of support and collective marketing and awareness of the Gofer Ice Cream brand.

How long before I can open my shop?

After your Gofer Ice Cream Franchise has been awarded, a typical shop location can be found, constructed and opened in four to six months. However, the process could take up to a year depending on many factors specific to your proposed site selected. We do allow for up to six months for site selection if needed.

How much does it cost to start a franchise?

All estimated costs are listed in the Franchise Disclosure Document you will receive in the process. Our total investment range listed is $229,000 – $411,300.

Why should I partner with GOFER Ice Cream?

Selecting Gofer Ice Cream is one way to get into the ice cream business with a partner that has been in the business hands-on for over 17 years. You will be working with the Founders learning from all our experiences. Our franchise includes not only our Gofer Ice Cream brand but our established systems for selecting, opening and operating your business. We also provide ongoing support and the comradery of working with other Franchise Partners in the common goal of Gofer’s success.

How do I choose a territory?

We have evaluated the Connecticut markets and have focused in on several general areas to develop. Once you are awarded a franchise, a specific territory is established.  We have a highly experienced real estate team partner that will assist in refining the target area in terms of demographics and preferred neighboring compatible businesses or attractions. We also have a Site Selection Manual that outlines what the team believes to be the optimum criteria for your Gofer Ice Cream shop.  

Who should I talk to with questions?

By completing the form on this site a representative from the team will be in contact with you to talk. We will also send more information for your review. Of course, we will meet multiple times to answer all your questions and you will also be provided the Franchise Disclosure Document you will review with your attorney.

Why is GOFER Ice Cream looking for a new franchisee?

We have chosen to focus on growing with Franchise Partners rather than open all company-owned shops. Although, we will continue to have company-owned shops in the system to keep us on trend and close to the ice cream customers. Company stores also help the team to understand any challenges Franchise Partners may face relatively quickly. However, we want the Gofer Franchise Systems’ Management team to be able to focus on the Gofer Ice Cream brand and its development, verses focusing on managing a large number of store operations. We feel motivated Franchise Partners that are active in the community, eager to welcome customers and inspire their Gofer crew members, are nearly impossible to replicate from a corporate office.

Who is the management team?

Gofer Ice Cream was founded by Jay Ragusa in 2003. The first Greenwich Connecticut shop was developed by the Ragusa family. They are still involved today operating the company stores and are members of the franchise company; Gofer Franchise Systems LLC. The team also includes a network of experienced people and firms in the franchise and ice cream industry including top legal, real estate, consulting, product, equipment, and technology partners. We are able to leverage all their experience, connections and best practices to better guide the franchise company and ultimately benefit the Franchise Partner. 

Is owning a Gofer Ice Cream a good fit for me?

We have set up the Gofer Ice Cream system to be simple to understand and operate. Gofer is a lifestyle business. We are seeking owner-operators Franchise Partners that share our mission and like being close to the customer, both working in their ice cream shop and promoting and representing the Gofer Ice Cream brand out in the community. If you are a people person with a vision for owning a business that you can introduce to your town and assist us in shaping the Gofer brand, one scoop, one smile at a time, then it may be for you. We will provide all the information we can and you are free to talk to other Franchise Partners to get their feedback on what it is like and what to expect from your investment of valued time and money.