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‘The right spot:’ Gofer Ice Cream to open new shop in Stamford

Original article by Alyssa Seidman, The Middletown Press, Nov 16, 2021
RIDGEFIELD — When his twin daughters became frustrated after a virtual school day, Eric Barrow quelled their troubles with a scoop of ice cream.

Last year, the Greenwich family enjoyed going out for ice cream more than ever because it offered a lick of respite amid the coronavirus pandemic. This experience inspired Barrow to become a franchisee for Gofer Ice Cream, which has seven locations in lower Fairfield County.

Gofer’s eighth location opened in Ridgefield on Oct. 15, and will hold a grand opening this weekend. Residents with a sweet tooth can sample a “diverse menu” of frozen goodies, including hand-dipped and soft-serve ice cream, plant-based ice cream, Italian ices, smoothies, ice cream cakes and more, Barrow said.

When selecting a location for his store, Barrow envisioned a neighborhood spot that would garner a good amount of foot traffic. To this, Gofer’s CEO and Founder Jay Ragusa said, “Have you checked out Ridgefield?” A vacant storefront on Main Street presented the perfect opportunity.

“We made the decision to come to Ridgefield because of how much there is to offer,” Barrow said. “We spoke to other business owners on Main Street, and they all said exactly what we thought: that we would do great here.”

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