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Sep 7, 2022 | Grand Opening, In the News

‘The right spot:’ Gofer Ice Cream to open new shop in Stamford

Original article by ,, Stamford Advocate, Feb  22, 2021

STAMFORD — A new shop is coming to the Ridgeway Shopping Center in hopes of meeting the downtown neighborhood’s craving for ice cream.

Jay Ragusa, founder and CEO of Gofer Ice Cream, signed a lease to open a new ice cream business at the shopping center — the second location for his chain in Stamford. He said he plans to open the shop, which will be the seventh in the chain, sometime in the spring.

“I’ve always wanted to be downtown,” said Ragusa. “I had to find the right spot. There’s something to be said for the foot traffic on Bedford Street, but we wanted to have the option of parking at Ridegway.”

A Stamford resident, Ragusa said he wanted to establish a presence close to the city center, and said the new location will work well.

“It has it all, and we are excited to open. Growing up in Stamford, I know it will be successful and in some ways reminiscent of the Baskin-Robbins that operated there in the ‘80s,” he said.

Gofer operates another shop in Stamford at 869 High Ridge Road, which has served the North Stamford territory since 2005, he said.

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